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Born on April 24, 1988, in Arecibo Puerto Rico Actor/Director and all-around swashbuckler Jose Manuel developed an intense love for Action Adventure movies while in his early childhood years. Inspired by many action performers like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Douglas Fairbanks, Richard Talmadge and more, Jose has dedicated his life to creating action-adventure movies that reflect his own quest for identity.


After many years of practice and development in the area of the arts Jose landed an opportunity to write, star and action direct “The Witness” (El Testigo) in 2010. After its theater runs and film festivals the movie won many awards and became a cult classic in Puerto Rico.

Jose continued his pursuit to express himself in larger ways and after working as an artist in many other award-winning TV, short films and Independent movies. While on his journey he kept polishing his skills for his next swashbuckler.


In 2017 while the going was tough he got a random call from Director/Writer-Producer Pema Dondhup who asked him to Star and action direct swashbuckling adventure movie The Man From Kathmandu set to be filmed in Kathmandu, Nepal. Not knowing where he was going, he took a leap of faith and embarked on a journey that ended validating his beliefs. After almost four months of production Dondhup and Manuel successfully finished “The Man from Kathmandu”


The movie was followed by a successful theater run in the east and became an award winner in many film festivals around the states.  

By the end of 2020 Jose Manuel was contacted by Action Maestro and legendary martial artist Marko Zaror ( Redeemer/Kiltro/ Undisputed 3/John Wick chapter 4) To work in "The Fist Of the Condor" an action project shot in chile released on Hi-Yah! TV on April 7 2023 and becoming the #1 streamed motion picture on the platform.


Jose’s mission is to continue to represent the everyman action hero on screen and to motivate and cultivate the creation of new action performers of all kinds in Puerto Rico, The Caribbean and the world.

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