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The land of the brave

Swashbuckler studio is proud to present our first original production  Boriken The Land Of the Brave an action adventure short series that will take you around exotic locations of Boriken! (now known as Puerto Rico). 








Jose Manuel and the Swashbuckler Team alongside executive producer Jeniffer Sims bring you our branded style of action adventure now rooted in Puerto Rico's native Heritage.

Boriken follows Yoan, a young Taino descendant who is puzzled by a series of visions that reinforce his Taino heritage, and question history as its been told. Deeply intrigued by his calling he teams up with his longtime friend Barto to embark an adventure into the deep mystic taino world and validate once and for all if in fact there is still Taino Blood in our present heritage.

they will have battle enemies as they find the long lost Taino artifacts that will unfold new clues.

The CEMI used for spiritual rituals


that belonged to great caciques

and so much more...

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