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🏆🥇Angel Vazquez's "El Angel Gabriel" wins BEST FEATURE FILM Urban Action Showcase 2022 📽🎬

Huge Cheer to my brother Angel Vazquez!!  He's been giving his very best from day one and this success is more than well deserved. He is one the most disciplined men I've ever met and no matter the times he is there ready to put in each drop of sweat. This is HIS project and HIS vision giving fruit. I am honored that I've been a part of his journey.

Follow the official note here to see the exclusive details on the project penned by your favorite Action Film website the #Filmcombatsyndicate!

He has more to come and more to give. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Thank you always Film Combat Syndicate Lee B Golden For taking notes of our crazy words make everyday we worked on something worth it.

Go check out Angel and the team of people behind this movie, their offerings are superb and their human nature admirable.

Jose Manuel "Chelo"

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