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Fist of The condor is out NOW on BLURAY and digital.

Actualizado: 9 jun 2023

Follow the link below to get your physical copy of this incredible Martial Arts adventure!

Marko Zaror paves the action way again with the "Fist of the condor" and he brought Jose Manuel with him.

Fist of The Condor is a true latin Martial Arts movie rooted on the deep understanding of the genre that only Marko Zaror and Ernesto Diaz espinoza can bring to the narrative.

"love letter to old school martial arts cinema"

"offers pure genre, but also pure cinema: physical, exciting, magical and intoxicating"

"a great martial arts showcase"


Upon the empire’s fall to invading conquistadors, the 16th-century Incas quickly concealed a sacred manual containing the secrets behind their deadly fighting technique. But after centuries of careful safeguarding, the manual is again at risk of falling into the wrong hands, leaving its rightful guardian to battle the world’s greatest assassins to protect the ancient secrets within

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