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🌄The Islander Warrior - A video set by Dani Medina

We always keep track of our #swashbucklers but this one is definitely one of a kind. Aridani del rosario Medina aka Dani Medina ,Was Born in "Las Palmas de Gran Canaria" at the "Islas Canarias" Spain

He started training Judo and Martial Arts when he was eleven he then discovered capoeira and became a capoeira instructor in 2007. His passion for the martial arts was non stop adding Brazilian Jiujitsu to the mix he went on to win national and regional championships. Take a look at his M.A. Skills Below!

His artistic side blended well with this skill as he discovered the stunt world through the documentary "Jackie Chan My Stunts" which was gifted to him by his father. Without wasting time he started shooting his own action pieces with his martial art brothers. In 2013 he got his first job in the film arts. His incredible ability and demeanor caught the attention of many people at home and abroad. Globalization connected people with common interests and that served as a bridge to future collaborations. #SWASHBUCKLERS UNITE!

When we became great friends around 2008 we declared that one day we would work together. It wasn't until 2017 that "The Man From Kathmandu" united us. A rather intimidating project like "TMFK" became the best platform for us to prove ourselves and it became and milestone for us. That led us to become the brothers that we are today.

After that, he took off as a stunt performer and went on to work in big projects like "Terminator Dark Fate", "Uncharted" ,"Commando 3" and "Warrior Nun" to name a few, also working with members of the prestigious "Jackie Chan Stunt Team"

Today he keeps us asking for more as his skill gets ripe, and he keeps polishing and constantly creating. Working as a stunt performer he works his way to express as an Action Designer, Fight Coordinator and Action director.

There is no question that Aridani del Rosario Medina for us is "The Jackie Chan From Spain" Check out some of his recent work below!

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