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COME OUT SWINGING, The art of the Rope Swing

Actualizado: 9 jun

From douglas fairbanks to Burt Lancaster, Antonio Banderas and Jackie Chan, they all have done it! Rope swings are great, in fact they are amazing, so full of adventure and fun. So many #swashbucklers Bring to life the rope swing their own way! Here at swashbuckler Studio Actor/Director/Stuntman Jose Manuel shows an example of how to use a rope swing in a sequence. There are many ways you could! follow your instinct and make it your own #swashbucklers!!!

There is something so heroic about rope swings, all the great swashbucklers would use rope swings to swing away from trouble and into glory and virtue!

#Zorro is awesome at rope swings!As well as #IndianaJones!

We are working hard to continue to bring Action to the world. We honestly believe that fun action adventure movies promotes a brave spirit. The archetype will live on! We will also feature swashbuckling talent from around the world!!!

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