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The Man From Kathmandu: previz to scene comparison

Behind the Action of The Man From Kathmandu. With the location in mind, we had to create a fight that would represent the scene that Director Pema Dhondup gave us. We shot it almost identical to the original previz with some minor changes because of lighting or other creative necessities.

Rhythm and timing in my opinion are the most important thing, and because I could miss a beat, I prefer to create my previz and edit it while creating. During pre production you can afford time that in production you don't have, so the improvisation in production days goes down to a minimum.

With this movie, I became more alert of many details of filming that I am aware today. I am grateful to be able to explore filming from a very personal perspective, and learn as I work without bounds. In order to get better you have to work non-stop, think non-stop. Stop to smell the flowers and then work non-stop again.

If you have amazon prime membership The Man from Kathmandu is available for your viewing on Amazon Prime video for free.

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